December birthstone is Tanzanite, Turquoise and Zircon

Dec 28th 2016

December has an amazing selection of three great stones to choose from. All of them known for their beautiful shades of Blue. They range from the oldest on earth zircon to the first mined and used in jewelry turquoise, to most recently discovered Tanzanite. Zircon commonly confused with cubic zirconia is a natural stone that comes from the earth and not man made. Colorless zircon has been a replacement for diamond, while Tanzanite substitutes for Sapphire and Turquoise in its robbins egg blue has an unmatched beauty. All three of these gemstones are very wearable and denim friendly. When your making a choice of which one to choose for your next piece of jewelry think of how you would like to wear it. Turquoise would have a more casual feel in its opaque form while zircon and tanzanite could be a little dressier with their polished faceted look. 


                  Tanzanite                                 Turquoise - robbins egg blue                       Zircon