Pantone Color Island Paradise

Posted by GiGi Ferranti on Nov 1st 2016

Lapis Lazuli is one of the Pantone Spring Fashion colors. The  Pantone color report helps designers choose what colors they should focus on for the season. Jewelers need to know this information so they can help customers color-block with their accessories. We love the vibrancy of Lapis and decided to use it in our new Classic collection which consists of Rose Gold Beaded hearts on a double strand cable chain pendant or bracelet. Our choice of the Lapis is a great color-block hue for the Pantone choice of  color Island Paradise. Picture wearing a blouse or a dress in Island Paradise an aqua, cool bluish - green hue and splash it with a Lapis accessory, the combination is glorious! Check out what JCK online choices are:

  Lapis lazuli Classic Beaded Heart Pendant