Summer Ear Game!

Posted by GiGi Ferranti on Jun 14th 2017

Well the heat has hit here in New York and all I can think about is pulling my hair in a ponytail !!  This means of course my ears are exposed, I never leave home without my earrings on anyway, I would feel naked. So its a great time to talk about earrings and what's in style for summer.  Like stacking rings and layering necklaces, wearing more than one earring has been a big trend for summer. If you have more than one hole, utilizing all of them at once and combining small studs with long dangle earrings, definitely makes a statement. Wearing different earrings on either side is also a current fashion statement. Long duster earrings are trending and styles that skim the shoulder, a very sexy look especially when your shoulders are bare. Mix matched earrings are a super trend and designers are making them purposely that way with one of a kind pieces. Some gemstones come in unusual shapes and are hard to match exactly, but this is a plus because it makes the design very unique.  If you only have one hole in each ear an ear cuff might be the way to go to get that in style look. So don't be afraid to play around and test different ear looks, just like you would with finding the right combinations for your stacking rings.