• Perfect for every day

    Posted by K on Jul 28th 2023

    This is such a lovely and unique stacking ring. Although it is intended to be a pinky ring, I have a petite frame and enjoy it worn on my middle or index finger—it looks great anywhere and doesn’t get lost worn on its own. The sapphires are vivid, sparkly and subtly varied in colour. I really like the rounded shape of the pave setting which to me looks much more high-end than if the face were flattened. Some stacking rings I have I feel are too delicate or not comfortable enough to be worn all the time, but I have no worries with this one. It is very sturdy, doesn’t cut into my finger, and the eternity style means it doesn’t spin on my thin fingers. I have never really stacked any rings on the same finger as they often don’t fit well together, causing them to rub against each other, scratch and feel uncomfortable. I’m excited to start building a stack with the Lucia rings which are made to fit together perfectly ? Gigi Ferranti’s pieces are at the same time highly creative and highly refined. I think Gina has built an amazing brand and I’m very glad to be in a position to support it. If you’re looking for a truly special piece of jewelry, I think it is hard to go wrong with any of her designs. Thank you again Gina!

Refined and fabulous

 Posted by K on Jul 12th 2023

 I’ve had my eye on Gigi Ferranti jewelry (and specifically this ring) for a while now, and I'm so happy I finally decided to purchase it. I was able to buy myself quite a bit of nice jewelry in the last few years, and while it is always exciting to get something new, I looked forward to receiving this ring more than anything else. Now that I have it on my finger, I couldn’t be happier with how wearable and comfortable it is. It is low-profile, not too heavy, and the band is solid while the top face is hollow underneath so the ring doesn't spin when worn on the finger. Choices like this make it apparent how much time and consideration went into the design and how it would be worn. The selected gemstones and finish are also impeccable. The ring offers such a unique look that is also versatile and will surely look amazing dressed up or down. This is a running theme across all Gigi Ferranti jewelry from what I have seen :) Not only are Gigi Ferranti’s products top notch, Gina offers great customer service and makes the buying experience feel personal. She promptly answered my questions about the product and kept me updated on the status of my order. Shipping was also super fast to Canada, and the unboxing experience was lovely. Thank you Gina for sharing your style and talent and for being so attentive. I will definitely be keeping my eye on your brand :)


Diamond Horn

Posted by Jules on Jul 9th 2023

A new everyday staple!! I was on the hunt for a diamond horn and this one is perfection. I can’t wait to add more GiGi pieces to my collection down the road. Quality and craftsmanship are excellent.


 GiGi Ferranti Jewelry offers unique quality pieces. I recently bought a pair of earrings created by this designer and have been complimented on their beauty and design. If you are looking for that special piece GiGi Ferranti will not fail you. - Liz C.

Beautiful pieces of well designed jewelry! - Bernard R.

I now have two amazing pieces of Gigi Ferranti Jewelry, and absolutely love them both! Gina is a dream to work with, and a very special person indeed - Mary S.

GiGi Ferranti Jewelry is very high quality jewelry, unique and elegant designed! I'm very happy and pleased with my purchases! - John E.

 I feel like "a kid in a candy store" whenever I make a purchase from GiGi Ferranti! One item is more tantalizing than the next; sometimes it's difficult to make a decision!! The designs and quality of her collections are outstanding. She backs her work 150%! She is very professional and personable! You'll never go wrong with a GiGi Ferranti Original - Rosie V.

 Jewelry designs are beautiful...varied...something for everyone. I have my favorites - Tina G.

 Gorgeous jewelry. I'm a fan!! Original, beautiful and sparkly. - Andrea M.

 GIGi Ferranti jewelry is sophisticated, timeless, well crafted, elegant, one of a kind and a conversation starter!- Maureen B. 

 My very first purchase from GiGi in white gold and I was hooked. Have bought many other pieces for myself and my husband from the Men’s collection.- Ellie 

 I came across this jewelry page on instagram and had to go to the website because I was obsessed with all the pieces. I don't usually order jewelry online, but I took a chance and can now say that this was my best purchase in quite some time. The necklace looks SO much better in person! I'm so happy. The quality is outstanding and the diamonds shine so bright on my neck. I am looking forward to purchasing the matching ring soon. - Natasha 

 I love this pendant, the diamonds are so sparkly. I never take it off! - Gloria