Dazzling Diamonds: April's Birthstone

Dazzling Diamonds: April's Birthstone

Posted by GiGi Ferranti on Apr 2nd 2019

The diamond is a beautiful and timeless gemstone that needs no introduction. They go perfectly with any outfit, day or night, and last forever. Their setting can even be modified for a more modern look as time goes on. The diamond's undeniable value has been recognized in recordings as far back as 400 B.C.. This beloved stone has been used to express love for hundreds, if not thousands of years. As one of the hardest, most precious substances on earth, it has served as a symbol of strength and beauty all over the world.

Now that April is here, there is no better time to purchase a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry for yourself or a loved one (especially with a birthday in April) such as the Lucia Pave Band (left), Sophia Flower Ring (center), or Lucia Huggie with Diamonds (right).

Lucia Pave BandSophia Flower Ring in White GoldLucia Huggie with Diamonds

For those looking for a more casual daytime look, these great options will do just the trick:

Gianna Coil Ring (left), Gianna Mini Diamond Pendant (right)

Gianna Coil RingMini Gianna Diamond Pendant