Easy Breezy Hoops

Posted by GIGI FERRANTI on May 19th 2016

As spring is upon us it's nice to take our jewelry to a lighter note. Our fabrics get lighter and so should our jewelry. Layering lighter chains with dainty pendants is our focus. We also love stacking our fingers with many rings in finer styles. The same goes for our earrings, lighter and easy looks that you can wear with a simple tank or a great black dress. 

Just in, our new Gianna hoop earring, it's simple and easy to wear and mirrors the lightness of the season. Made with 14k gold wire. No need to bother with posts or backs, just slip them on your ear and put the end into the back groove that fits like a glove. On the front is just a diamond shape design, with diamonds, just to add enough of sparkle.