September birthstone is Sapphire

Posted by GIGI FERRANTI on Sep 1st 2016

What a beautiful stone that is becoming more popular in designer jewelry because of the many colors its available in and with a hardness of  9 on the moh's scale with 10- (diamond) being the hardest, its a durable stone for jewelry. Sapphire is from the gemstone family called corundum and comes in a range of colors other than the most popular blue. The purist color of blue with medium saturation is the rarest and most desirable,  therefore being the most expensive. Found in many parts of the world, but the most prized are from Myanmar(Burma), Kashmir and Sri Lanka. 

Sapphires have been around since ancient times. They represent a promise of honesty, loyalty, purity and trust, because of this it is one of the most popular engagement ring stones. 

The other colors sapphires come in are pink, purple, green, orange, and yellow. The most sought after fancy color is the rare and beautiful Padparadascha, a pink-orange corundum with a distinctive Salmon color. These ultra- rare-expensive stones are among the most coveted in the world.

We have a new collection coming soon and it will feature Sapphires, stay posted for our debut of the collection!                                




     Most prized color Blue Sapphire                    Padparadascha Sapphire- very rare