Sometimes more is better!

Posted by GIGI FERRANTI on Jun 15th 2016

So, if its not big and bold, than maybe its more is better. Making a statement with your accessories and picking out the perfect pieces, can really be fun!  You have to know what your jewelry personality is. Some of my clients love the big and bold, not afraid to wear the show stopping styles of larger pieces, as others like the more dainty. So what is your style!!! For me I love both, I am a big and bold girl as well as a stackem up as much as you can. It always comes down to what I am wearing for the day or the occasion to fit the look I am going for.  When suggesting accessories for my clients, I like to present them with one statement piece and then add smaller pieces to compliment it. So the statement piece is the focal point and all others accent. If its a larger cuff than I will pair it up with a daintier ring set. 

For some it could be sticking to what feels comfortable or what makes them feel beautiful.  This summer season whether your look is big and bold or more is better always stick to what makes you feel great!