The New Regalo Collection

Posted by GiGi Ferranti on Oct 22nd 2016

When I create a collection or just a one- of- a- kind piece there is always meaning behind it!  For me the inspiration comes from a feeling or emotion that I can evoke with the story behind the piece.  What is also important to me is that my  jewelry is  wearable with todays fashion and has a fresh clean look.

The Regalo collection consists of diamond shapes which area two triangles, one downward (yin) and one upward ( yang) joined together. This geometric symbol represents inner focus. It re-instills balance within self and reflects that inner balance in to the world. Creating this balance is a true "Gift", which is where the name Regalo is derived from, ( meaning gift in Italian). I made this collection in rose gold , pink sapphires and pink tourmalines, hoping to create a warm and happy feeling.

I love all the pieces, they work well together and they are substantial enough that each can be worn on its own. The design has a classic simplicity and can easily be customized with several different combinations of gemstones to fit your personal style!

One of the 2017 pantone colors Pale Dogwood is great color-blocked with this collection!  Pale Dogwood  is a  quiet and peaceful pink shade. It mixes well with the warmth of rose gold  and invites the splash of more color. Regalo jewelry  would compliment pale dogwood garments and add a little burst of brightness captured from the pink sapphires and tourmalines. Read More at JCK online:

I hope you enjoy this collection, please feel free to contact us for any questions or inquiries.