Trending Gemstones

Posted by GIGI FERRANTI on Jun 25th 2016

It seems like everything in life is cyclical, things always come back around again. Maybe just a little different the next time, with a twist here or a twist there. The same goes for jewelry, styles are always being reinvented. Certain gems also become more popular with these trends. I could remember when moonstone was the craze and everyone had to have one of those glass moonstones that simulated the real thing. They were set in silver metal and you were told that it would change colors depending on your mood,LOL. Well this stone is back more fierce than ever, but the real deal this time. Designers are using it in all jewelry, high end and more affordable pieces. This gem can have many different looks depending on how you set it, what other stones you mix with it and what type of precious metal is used for the mounting. Therefore giving it an elaborate dressy look or a more playful day look. With all the great colors it comes in, blue, gray, white, peach, yellow and rainbow its a designers field day.

It would be a great time to update your moonstone jewelry to a more current style that you will enjoy wearing everyday, or on special occasions.