What people don't know about me

Posted by GIGI FERRANTI on Jul 1st 2016

When I was a young teen, my Dad who had his own construction business bought an old delapidated movie theater in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn and turned it into a Roller Disco. Roll-A-Palace was a success the minute it opened in 1978. It was the first roller disco and it had a "state- of- the- art" light show. What better time than to take up the sport of artistic roller skating. So I started taking lessons for solo freestyle, figures and freedance with a partner. 

My passion for the sport grew and I practiced every day after school and on the weekends very early in the morning before the sessions started. My dedication and commitment brought me my metals in freestyle and freedance. Winning regional competitions, I had the opportunity to skate at nationals, in Texas and Nebraska.

My creative expression and designing ability started to surface here. I designed each skating costume carefully depending on the theme of the routine. Each costume was put together with special lycra fabric that would move comfortably and dressed up with swarovski crystal, lace and sequins. The costume was very important because it allowed me to communicate my routine to the judges and audience based on the theme and the story I was telling through  the choice of music. There is a certain parallel to designing jewelry, I can tell my story through my inspiration for each design and each piece gives a positive feeling to the person who wears it.

Whether its a sport, a design or a hobby , when I love what I do, my dedication and drive is limitless!