Why a Career in Jewelry

Posted by GiGi Ferranti on Apr 8th 2016

I started my career in jewelry because I love gemstones, diamonds and precious metals. Being in fashion for so many  years, I wore jewelry and accessories all the time and it was an essential part of my job dressing women and making them feel beautiful. To me its the icing on the cake. I can't leave my house without  at least my earrings or a great pendant.

When I create my jewelry I always keep in mind how the client will feel when she is wearing it. Whether it be a larger more bolder piece or a more delicate one; they should feel beautiful wearing it. When designing I take into account the beauty of the piece, the quality of the gemstones, the comfort of the item and how the piece will hold its value.

 I only use Ethical sources for my gemstones and the transparency of the company is very important. My jewelry has a classic and contemporary look and I love to incorporate  my fashion background as well as my love for architecture into my aesthetic. 

Constantly curating new items and collections, my main goal is to improve all the time. My designs start with an inspiration like a shape I saw on a building or an image that flashes in my head from a pattern. The next question is how  could  I relate this to jewelry fashion with a fresh look. 

I recently added the Gianna and  Sophia mini collection's, to give a great product at a great price. Something everyone could afford for themselves or a great gift. Spring has many gift giving times, Mothers Day, Communions, Graduations, so I felt the need to add these special pieces.

Happy Spring and enjoy what nature has to offer!