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Posted by GiGi Ferranti on Mar 15th 2016

What I want people to know 

I love diamonds and gemstones, in every shape and form! Faceted stones, cabochons, unique cuts, transparent, semi-transparent and opaque, you get the picture. My mission is to mix precious metals and bold geometric shapes with gorgeous colored gemstones. When someone comes to me with a custom design I love to explore into their mind and come up with something they will love and treasure.

Picking a gorgeous diamond or gemstone, studying it and creating a home for it to sit in with precious metals is my passion and love. Having been in the retail fashion industry for many years I love to create jewelry that can be worn together with the latest fashions as well as having a classic feeling for the longevity of the item, so it can be passed down to other generations.

I am a true believer of women buying themselves the jewelry that they love and will cherish as a reward for their accomplishments in life, weather it be a job promotion, a founder of a new business, or a new mom that just gave birth. As a child I always received jewelry for gifts from my parents and grandparents for all occasions and I still have those pieces some of which I still wear and others I just look at from time to time to reminisce on the lives of the people to whom I miss. In my teenage years when I started to really travel I would treat myself with jewelry from places that I wanted to remember. This was so rewarding that I could buy myself a luxury item and it made me feel really good. So I guess that is what buying jewelry is really about, how it makes us feel weather it is a gift of appreciation, a milestone birthday or anniversary, or just a gift to oneself for acknowledging our accomplishment’s.