Portofino Horn Charm with Purple Sapphire

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Portofino Horn Charm with Purple Sapphire and Chain

The Portofino Horn Charm is adorned with candy colored princess cut sapphires and repeating lines throughout. A unique statement charm meant to protect its wearer! 

In Italy the Horn or Cornicello  is the most popular and ancient superstition. Also known as the Italian Horn, this gently-shaped horn is symbolic of animal horns said to belong to the sacred Moon Goddess of Europe. The symbol bears protection for the wearer from the dreaded Evil Eye. In many cultures the Evil Eye is taken seriously. Jealousy and envy underlie the Evil Eye’s cultural association with superstition.  

Paperclip chain sold separately. One in stock!

  • 18K Yellow Gold
  • Purple Sapphire, 0.10 ct.
  • Length 1 1/4"
  • Available with or without the chain
  • Paperclip Chain 16"
  • Made in New York with the finest craftsmanship!

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